Home owners need to look for curling, discolored or missing shingles; damaged, discolored or rotting wood on the fascia or under the eaves. When buying a home it is always a good idea to ask for an Inspection and Roof certification.

This blog to help homeowners make good decisions regarding roofing. I really never thought anyone would care to read about roofing but it seems that I was wrong. I hope you all enjoy our roofing insights and while we do our best to give good information there are regional variables and codes that might apply to you that I am unaware of, so please verify all my information for your own area.

Colorado routinely gets strong winds in the spring and fall, but this year we have seen some exceptionally strong gusts. We have been competing with hurricane force winds. We have seen semi-trailers blown over while traveling on I-25, barns and trees blown down, personal items picked up and carried away never to be seen again. There were wind gusts of over 120 mph in some areas. Gusts of 80 mph have been a common throughout many front range cities such as Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Canon City.

Asphalt shingle pricing is on the rise, we are told it is due to the increase in raw material and fuel costs, this includes the asphalt used to make shingles as well as the added fuel costs to run the equipment and deliver them to suppliers. Suppliers have additional operating costs as well. Joplin, MO is the home of Tamko Building Products, a leading manufacturer of asphalt shingles. The recent tornado that hit Joplin, MO missed the manufacturing plant but did affect many of their employees,



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