There are several steps you should take in the process to find a roofing contractor or any contractor for that matter.

1. Use local contractors. Just because a company has a local phone number does not always mean it is a local company. You can check with your local building department.  Pueblo Regional Building Department  has a great site. From here you can see if your contractor is licensed and what the business address is, if they have insurance and if they have permits that have been pulled and have failed inspection or have any jobs not completed. This last not completed may not mean the job wasn’t completed, but that the final inspection was never done. This website will also show how long they have been licensed in the area. By using a local contractor you have a better chance of them finishing the job right and coming back if repairs do need to be done.

As always I never recommend that you climb on your roof, you may create damage just by walking on your roofing material. It is also dangerous, especially if there is snow or ice. There are companies that will hang Christmas lights for you, if you use one of these companies make sure they are insured so that if an injury does occur you are not responsible for the medical bills.

You ask questions like “Will my insurance pay for a new roof?” I say “it depends” You ask “Can I fix a leak in my roof myself?” I say “it depends” No matter what you ask it seems my answer is always the same,”it depends”. The truth of it is that I really don’t know the answer. OMG, did I just admit that? I, a self-proclaimed expert, doesn’t know the answer?

A lien waiver is a type of legal document that relinquishes a person’s or business’ right to place a lien on another party’s assets. In many cases, lien waivers are used by mechanics as well as by contractors. Once a customer has paid in full they may be given a lien waiver showing that the contractor has no right to lien the property. A lien in essence is a bill attached to the home. Amongst other things it means the home can not be sold or refinanced without the encumbrance being paid. A lien waiver states that the bill has been paid and the contractor no longer has the right to file a lien against the property because of work done and supplies that were purchased.

Recently Coloradans have experienced severe weather, prompting the need for immediate home repairs. Consumers need to watch out for dishonest and phony contractors soliciting business. When considering a company, check with your local building, licensing and permits departments to see what licenses and permits the business is required to have for your location. Some locations require a peddlers and solicitors permit when going door-to-door soliciting business. Many times, traveling contractors come in to an area after severe storms seeking business to make a quick dollar and they do not have the necessary licensing and permits.

Insurancence will cover the replacement cost of t-lock shingles if there is even a small amount of damage, especially if there are missing shingles, because they are no longer made. If the house is sold without replacing the roof, it is possible that the new owner will not be able to get insurance coverage for the roof.

The 85th annual Pioneer day celebration and Junktique sale in Florence, Colorado this weekend and the Chile and Frijole festival in Pueblo next weekend. The trees are starting to change colors in the high country and it’s a great time for a drive through the mountains. With so much to do it’s easy to forget the seasonal maintenance needed for roofs.

How do I find a leak in a shingle roof? This post is dedicated to shingles and roofs with a pitch. You can read more about finding leaks in a flat roof on my other post on roof leaks. I never recommend that a homeowner get on their roof, you can cause more damage than you resolve, but you should know what the process is so if your roofer asks to get into your attic you understand why.

Should you worry about snow on your roof? I know we just passed Labor day and most of us still believe it is summer. So why am I talking about snow on your roof? Some of the old cowboys in the area are telling me to expect record snowfalls this year, (something about a fuzzy worms being fuzzy earlier than normal).

Steps on choosing Roofing Companies in Colorado Springs. A roof is unquestionably an important component in your house. It saves you from all the natural calamities like intense rainfall, scorching sun and heavy snowfall. A ceiling gives you a closure,composure and warmth like none other. In spite of all the efforts you take, roof tops need maintenance and repair work on a regular intervals. A patchy or a falling top is not a pleasant sight to watch.Few companies have within their goals and business responsibilities to deliver after sale services and warranty fixes. A good organization usually takes up all your redo, revamp and restore work.Roofing companies Colorado Springs offers to its customers a wide range of services that lightens their mood.They provide insurance restoration to commercial and residential clients and customers. They also possess proper licenses and documents for safety and security of their workmen and employees. To top it all, they pay close heed to making changes in the ceiling, wall and paintings along with the roofs. Who wouldn’t want such a roofing Contractors in Colorado Springs which provides you with so many others benefits.If you want to be sure you have chosen the right contractor then ensure that he provides you with free consultation and free inspections. Services must also be of high quality and reliable and pricing must be considerate.

 We understand how important it is to know that your home, or a property that you may be considering purchasing is ready to stand up to our fierce Colorado weather. In order to verify the quality and life expectancy of your roof, it is recommended that you get a Roof Certification from a licensed roofer in your area.

Roof leaks can be difficult to find and rarely happen directly over where you find the damage. The reason for this is that water finds the path of least resistance and can flow under roofing material or along rafters. Believe it or not, flat roofs can be more difficult to find a leak in than steep roofs. In most cases you have no access to look at the underside of the roof deck to determine where the leak starts.



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