Typically a roof pitch of 3:12 or better is required to be able to use shingles or metal roofing; anything less than that should be using a flat or low sloped product. When choosing roofing products the slope and location of the roof should be the determining factor. I have many people tell me they want metal roofing because it has no maintenance, however if you live in an area like ours with great temperature fluctuations you have to be careful what types of metal you use. Metal moves at a different rate than your wooden roof deck, so the differing movement will work to loosen the fasteners. Also if you live in a hail prone area you need to be aware that hail may dimple your roof and cause cosmetic damage that the insurance won’t cover because it doesn’t damage the integrity of the roof itself. So you will be stuck with a roof that looks dented and may not be able to replace it. What is covered by your insurance depends on how your policy is written, please check with your agent to determine your coverage.



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