Does your insurance company have to replace your entire roof if your shingles have been discontinued and damaged in a storm? That is the question one of my readers asked and my answer is the same as always, it depends. In most cases insurance companies will replace your entire roof if you can no longer match the existing shingles such as t-locks. However, it depends on how the policy was written. Some companies are writing policies that will only repair damage and they don’t have to replace the entire roof, but only the plane that has been damaged even if the roof won’t match. Many times a hail storm comes in with a directional wind that only damages one side of the roof.

When a roof is not ventilated properly it may cause the shingles to age prematurely in many ways. In this case granule loss was most likely caused by the fact that even though this roof has a ridge vent, the soffit vents had been painted over. Proper ventilation requires movement of air. This can only occur when air can come in at the soffit and exhaust near the peak, Balanced ventilation is as important aspect of roofing as installing the shingles properly.

Once upon a time (around 1930) there was a new shingle, the T-lock. Some say they were the original Thunderstorm shingle able to withstand the high winds that occur during storms, others say it was because they are shaped like a T and they interlock. The truth is they were a state of the art shingle once upon a time, however, times change.



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